GCYO Ensembles

Greenville County Youth Orchestra consist of several ensembles ranging from strings- only to fully symphonic. Our hierarchy is as follows:

 Program Fees Per Year:
  • Young Artist Orchestra: $250
  • The Philharmonic: $250
  • Sinfonia: $125
  • Intermezzo: $125
  • Prelude: $50 (Spring only)
  • Orchestra Prep: $75 (Fall only)
  • Other expenses might include: $15 audition fees, optional overnight camps, and concert trips.
Young Artist Orchestra (YAO) –

Our most advanced ensemble, most members are high school aged, though exceptional middle school musicians may be admitted. YAO performs standard orchestral masterworks as well as contemporary compositions.  Because of instrumentation needs YAO does accept rolling auditions especially for Winds and Brass students. For more information contact Executive Director David Kiser:

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The Philharmonic –

An advanced symphony orchestra comprised of middle through high school aged musicians who display considerable talent, training and ability. Repertoire consists of orchestral masterworks, transcriptions and original works composed for student orchestra.

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Sinfonia –

Sinfonia is an advancing honors strings ensemble with the opportunity to perform Full Orchestra repertoire during the second concert cycle. Members of the Sinfonia Orchestra will experience opportunities to excel in their string performance skills through progressive string literature, including original works and arrangements, ranging from early baroque to new releases from the modern era. Consistent, instrument-specific sectionals with professional string educators, provide supplemental instruction for accelerated skill attainment.

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Intermezzo –

Intermezzo is an intermediate level strings-only ensemble that performs at all of the GCYO concerts, including the year end Peace Concert Hall performance. Students will work on ensemble playing and refining their string technique with a focus on proper playing with good mechanics.

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Orchestra Prep and Prelude –


Orchestra Prep is a beginning level string ensemble for students who have had at least a semester of strings lessons or classes. Please see the audition requirements below to see if you might qualify. Fall only.

(At the end of the Fall semester Orchestra Prep students will take an audition to join Prelude for the Spring semester)

Prelude is an advancing beginning level ensemble that prepares students to perform at the Peace Center in May. It is designed for ambitious and talented string students who have taken private lessons or at least two semesters of string classes at their local school or Orchestra Prep in the previous Fall. Spring Only (Auditions are Scheduled for January 8. See link below for requirements)

*You don’t have to enroll in Orchestra Prep to qualify for Prelude.

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