GCYO Auditions

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Young Artist Orchestra (YAO) -

Our most advanced ensemble, most members are high school aged, though exceptional middle school musicians may be admitted. YAO performs standard orchestral masterworks as well as contemporary compositions.

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The Philharmonic -

An advanced symphony orchestra comprised of middle through high school aged musicians who display considerable talent, training and ability. Repertoire consists of orchestral masterworks, transcriptions and original works composed for student orchestra.

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Sinfonia -

Sinfonia is an advancing honors strings ensemble with the opportunity to perform Full Orchestra repertoire during the second concert cycle. Members of the Sinfonia Orchestra will experience opportunities to excel in their string performance skills through progressive string literature, including original works and arrangements, ranging from early baroque to new releases from the modern era. Consistent, instrument-specific sectionals with professional string educators, provide supplemental instruction for accelerated skill attainment. Students may audition for the Sinfonia Orchestra in late May or August.

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Wind Ensemble -

The New GCYO Wind Ensemble is an exciting, honors performance group featuring wind instrument players and percussionists with 1-3 years of playing experience. Under the direction of Hillcrest Middle School band director Christian Scott, you will be performing exciting literature geared towards the developing wind band. Additionally, members of the Wind Ensemble will have the opportunity to combine with the GCYO Sinfonia strings group in the Spring to perform full orchestra literature for the Finale Concert at the Peace Center. Participating in this ensemble is a fantastic opportunity to perform with other talented musicians outside of school, make new friends, and improve on your instrument!

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Intermezzo -

The Intermezzo ensemble is an intermediate, honor string orchestra that is designed to accelerate the second and third year string musician to the next level of orchestral performance. Members of the Intermezzo Orchestra will focus on advancing techniques such as shifting, mature tone and bow stroke development as well as finger patterns for key signatures up to three sharps or flats through contrasting concert repertoire from the baroque to modern eras. Additionally, students will experience consistent sectionals with professional musicians to enhance rehearsal and individual performance techniques. Students may audition for the Intermezzo Orchestra in late May or August.

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Prelude -

Prelude Orchestra is an introductory honor strings-only ensemble that is specifically designed for progressing first and second year string students who want to elevate their fundamental performance skills to the next level. Members of the Prelude Orchestra will explore a variety of orchestral literature that promotes the development of characteristic tone, music literacy, ensemble skills, and performance confidence. Students will audition for the Prelude Orchestra in early January.

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Young Artist Orchestra: $225.00
The Philharmonic: $225.00
Sinfonia, and Intermezzo: $100.00
Prelude: $75.00