The Philharmonic



he Philharmonic is an intermediate / advanced symphony orchestra comprised of middle through high school aged musicians who display considerable talent, training and ability. "The Phil" performs in four concerts each year: the November and January joint concerts with the YAO at Dorothy Gunter Theater, the January "Winter Orchestras Concert" at an area high school, and the April "Spring Orchestras Concert" which is held at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts. The orchestras repertoire consists of orchestral masterworks, transcriptions and original works composed for student orchestra.

Students in "The Phil" attend Greenville area public and private middle and high schools as well as home school settings. They rehearse each Monday at the Fine Arts Center from 4:45 until 6:15 pm. Philharmonic members are expected to pay a one time participation fee of $200.00.

The Philharmonic Members Are:
  • Middle Through High School Students

    Are middle through high school students, or are younger students with exceptional talent and ability on their instruments.

  • Orchestral Repertoire Grade IV-V

    The Philharmonic Orchestra members are capable of performing repertoire of Grade IV-V.

  • Skilled String Players

    String players are skilled in the intermediate and upper positions of their instruments and in the application of détaché, martelé, brush and spiccato, louré and other bow styles.

  • Skilled Winds & Brass Players

    Winds & brass players have a comprehensive command of the style, articulation, tone production and expression associated with their individual instrument.

  • Have Attended Private Lessons

    PHIL members have taken private studio lessons for two or more years.

Audition Requirements